BluPoint Technology

BluPoint brings the digital world into non-digital environments enabling our clients to deliver their digital content and services to anyone, including those unable to access the Internet due to cost, coverage or device capability, using any mobile device or computer.
This opens up a huge untapped market and allows companies to sell products, Corporate Social Responsibility aims to be met, and NGOs/Governments to share local information.

Why BluPoint?

Taking the Internet offline to unreached territories

We now live in a world where there are more SIM connections than people. Yet in emerging markets these SIMs are more likely to be located in non-smart devices.

The feature phone still dominates the African mobile phone market [1]. Feature phone growth is increasing 5-times faster than that of smartphones [2].

Why are feature phones still prevalant?

  • Longer battery life of feature phones means less need for a constant power source
  • Low handset costs
  • High data costs make web-browsing inaccessible
  • Web-based content not mobile optimised and relevant to the user
  • Limited 2G/3G coverage reduces the attraction of a smart device
  • Slow and unreliable Internet connections
  • Low disposable income
  • Limited digital literacy makes smartphones intimidating

The biggest limitation of the delivery of this digital information is that it is in web based formats. Feature/basic phones often can not access WiFi or the Internet and are currently limited to SMS messaging formats.

Access to educational digital content can have a huge transformational impact. Especially for people living a low-income life in an off-grid location. Unfortunately, many initiatives deliver information through websites and apps. Even where/when the internet is available basic/feature phones often cannot access this web-based content.

Nokia 1280 feature phone
A typical basic/feature phone.

But how can people without a smartphone cross this digital divide?

BluPoint delivers web-based content to anydevice

BluPoint is unique in that it works on any device. It supports both feature and smart phones and even broadcasts on FM radio. In places where people typically only use mobiles for calling and texting, this is a game changer.

BluPoint automagically adapts, optimises and allocates curated content. Before serving this via a solar powered pop-up intranet system.

BluPoint Hub features

A safe, secure and focused content delivery system

BluPoint is a safe and secure walled garden. It keep users safe from seeing inappropriate or distracting content. An organisation’s sensitive content and their data plans are safe and never compromised.

BluPoint offers next-level accessibility

Inclusive content delivery helps break down the digital divide. With BluPoint, people can access life changing digital content with the device already in their pockets. We also adapt the content to enable people with low literacy levels or who are sight impaired, to be able to access our digital materials.

BluPoint does not need the Internet to function

BluPoint Hubs are standalone devices. They will continue to serve people, location-by-location even without an Internet connection.

BluPoint does not need electricity

BluPoint even thrives in places where electricity is scarce and unreliable. The low-powered Hubs will hum away nicely on battery for 10 hours. It can even be charged on solar power.

BluPoint is FREE at the point of use

One of the biggest hurdles for people is the cost of mobile data. BluPoint will always be for FREE to the end user, and with no data costs.

BluPoint reaches the unreachable – off-grid and offline

Mobiles are widespread even among the 70% of the poorest people of rural Africa. But these devices will range in capability. BluPoint does not discriminate and adapts the content to suit.

The future?

Wherever people naturally gather, you will find BluPoint. Places like rural health centres, schools and work places will all benefit.

BluPoint will be used for content/service provision for commercial, health, government, local-community and entertainment sectors.


Mobile phone shipments Africa 2016 chart