Mobile Banking

Mobile is one of the most personal channels and it has the potential to become the most prominent channel in an omnichannel world. CR2 has designed BankWorld Mobile, mobile banking software, to suit all mobile technologies and to provide mobile banking, mobile payment and personalised banking products and services integrated into a single platform.

All mobile technologies, one BankWorld solution!

The steady emergence of new mobile technologies keeps adding siloed channels to your existing banking infrastructure. With an increasing amount of devices and operating systems, the siloed model is becoming unsustainable and is creating complexity for banks. BankWorld Mobile enables you to provide mobile banking services to all customers regardless of the technology they use. Our mobile banking software takes away the challenge of providing banking services across multiple, disparate technologies. It is optimised for SMS, USSD, mobile web browser, smartphone and tablet applications. BankWorld Mobile is also available regardless of the telecommunication operator. It lets you display appropriate design, content and menus on any gadget.

The most personal device with the most personalised banking experience

Meaningful engagement between you and your customers is facilitated as users can tailor their mobile experience using preferences, in addition to setting up automated requests via the BankWorld omnichannel platform. Segment specific interfaces ensure consumers have the best user experience relevant to them and are presented with the most suitable products for their review. With BankWorld Mobile, banking becomes simple, instant and interactive.

Innovative Mobile Banking Solutions at Customers’ Fingertips

You can be differentiated with a rich set of innovative transactions that go well beyond basic balance check, statements or alerts. Sending money between mobile phones, turning a card on and off at your convenience, accepting a loan and redeeming it instantly can all be undertaken from a customer’s mobile phone. With our amazing Mobile Banking Solutions you can start achieving amazing results!