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M-Files has evolved from a simple document management software into a standard-setting Information Management System.

With its familiar, easy-to-use user interface, M-Files guarantees high user adoption for your organization. Moreover, M-Files is meets your organization’s unique needs without the long, expensive setup & time intensive training – Exactly as it should be!

M-Files plays well with the other software within your organization, be it your CRM, Microsoft Office, SharePoint or SAP. You can link with M-Files hassle free, in most cases without needing any intervention from your IT department.

Through the flexibility offered by M-Files, you can use M-Files on your own servers, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. All the while, M-Files ensures you have access to your data whenever you need it through web, desktop & mobile apps for Windows, Android & Mac OS.

Transform the way you do business! Become more productive, streamline processes and automate procedures by using M-Files.

Secure documents while making them accessible

Ensure your documents are safe. With M-Files, you can dynamically set permissions to restrict access to vital information, while keeping this information accessible to anyone who needs it.

Find documents

Sometimes a file you’re looking for is hiding in plain sight. Finding what you’re looking for seems impossible! Where did you save it? Who has the most recent version of the document?

Fortunately, M-Files takes away this chaos by doing away with the traditional folder structure by organizing your information based on WHAT it is, rather than the WHERE. You never have to worry about where you saved that document, or whether the version you have is the most recent one.

One version of
every document

With M-Files, there’s only one version of a particular document. Finding the exact, most recent edit of a document is now quick and easy.

Sharing &

Need to share a document or collaborate with your colleagues? Share your documents with a click! M-Files keeps all your files well organized.