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Why Choose PERUSE?

Peruse is a purpose built missing document tool built by i27 to help organizations uncover missing documents in their M-Files Document Management System.

Never worry about not being sure whether a document is present within the system, with powerful search criteria we are able to report on any missing documents within the system.

Major new features & enhancements in PERUSE

Peruse (released in March 2017):

  • Speed and performance improvements – Peruse is much faster in able to find missing document through new alogrithms of searching for documents via the M-Files system.
  • Database Validation – Ability to Cross Check Database Data versus M-Files Data is a first for any tool with this capability, ensure you are able to do multiple faceted searches.
  • Powerful Filters – Easily apply filters to search parameters ensuring you get the right reports
  • Enhancements to Report Scheduling: Send reports at any pre-defined period


Extremely Quick

Through powerful search capabilities find missing documents within seconds no matter how big the repository.

Flexible Reporting

Would you require a report every day? every week? once a month? Any sort of scheduling is possible with direct email delivery ensuring reports are acted upon.

Multiple Search Possibilities

From Missing Documents to related Missing Document Searches, we support a wide variety of different methods of searching for missing documents.

Filter Searches

Sometimes you just want to see reports for a certain customer, or for a certain supplier – any powerful search criteria is possible with Peruse