I 27 Document Management

I27 is a leading Document Management Software Provider in Kenya offering M-Files, which is rated as a visionary on the Gartner Quadrant. Not only do we manage documents but also the entire enterprise content management.



The amount of time it takes to find a document can be painstaking. With our document management solution, find your documents in a matter of seconds. Just search for a word or a phrase and instantly find your document. Don’t let your customers wait anymore, have the answer straight away.

Lost Documents

Do you suffer from losing documents, what if we can ensure that your document is present within the system? Utilizing technology built by i27, we are able to identify and produce a report on documents that are not present within the Document Management Solution.

Control Access to Documents

Control who can see a document, who can edit a document or even who can delete a document. With advanced permissions, we are able to ensure your documents are safe and restrict unauthorized users.

Electronic Workflows

With powerful workflow capabilities, we are able to ensure that all your manual processes can be automated and follow a set line of steps. We believe in liberating Kenyan companies to be able to systemize and bring efficiency with our power document workflow solution.

Disaster Recovery

With a powerful solution, we are able to offer cloud backup solutions or furthermore real-time mirroring of an on-premise and cloud document management solution. Should disaster strike, you are able to recover within seconds. Protect your business, your data and documents.

Cost Savings

Too much paper being printed? Too much photocopy? Let this be a thing of the past – not only can you save money as there is only one copy that is centrally accessed, but the DMS has power version control features.

Cloud or Hosted on Site

We provide cloud hosted document management or on premise document management. If you would like a hybrid of both – we are able to offer the same. Trust i27 to bring you the best document management solution.

Enterprise Content Management

Apart from managing documents, our solution is able to manage the entire content of an enterprise. From pictures, to videos, to music files anything generated within the
organization can be managed through one central platform.

I27 DMS Product Catalog

Kofax Capture

Why Choose Kofax Capture?

Kofax Capture is a Leading Document Capture Solution with support for a wide range of enterprise capture requirements. The solution is able to ingest documents from a wide variety of formats such as

  1. Scanners
  2. Email
  3. Hot Folder
  4. MFP’s

Furthermore, once documents are processed they can be delivered to a variety of different platforms from Document Management Systems to ERP’s


Multiple Document Input Sources

From Scanners, Email, MFP’s, Folders – you name it and Kofax is able to pull Documents for smart processing.

Document Recognition

The ability to set up templates allows Kofax to recognise documents allowing you to extract information from the different documents.

Export Simultaneously

The ability to export documents into different streams ensures that whatever has been captures can be processed only once.

Benefit from VRS

Avoid scanning and re-scanning documents over and over again. With Kofax’s patented VRS scanning technology – images can be enhanced by virtually re-scanning them and improving the output. Simply, garbage in is normally garbage out.