Multi Channel Integration

Manage multi-channel payments on one gateway

No matter what size your business, customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex. You need a flexible payment gateway to help you evolve.

The perfect platform to help your business reach its potential

There are many ways your business benefits from choosing ingenico payment services as its payments partner:

Boost your conversion

Our gateway helps you sell more by supporting the right payment methods, by customising your payment page in your look and feel, and by offering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities 

Add services as you need them

With our flexible, modular approach, you start with only what you need today and can add payment methods, channels and enhanced functionality as your business develops

Provide excellent uptime

Consistently averaging over 99.9% availability, you can rely on our platform and the fully-redundant, fault-tolerant network it runs on


Make use of every channel

With payment solutions for every channel, you can let your customers choose to use those that suit them best

Save time on reconciliation

Our versatile suite of reporting tools makes it easy to monitor and manage all your multi-channel payments in one account

Expand into new markets

You can use the payment methods, language and currency of choice in each country– drawing on our local market knowledge to help you grow your business